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Business Financing Guidance

Securing funds to start, buy or grow a business can be a struggle, but Guidance Financial is here to help you. We are an industry leader in 401 (k) business financing, also known as rollover business start-up or robes. Robes is an alternative financing method that allows you to use qualified pension funds to start or expand your business without incurring any tax penalty or debt.

ROBS can be used with other funding methods too - use ROBS as an SBA loan payment and start working with your money faster.

Guidance Financial is committed to helping people succeed from small to large businesses. We work with new and existing business owners to provide financial education and special funding solutions. Guidant is an industry leader in innovative business funding solutions, with more than 20,000 funded businesses, over 15 years of experience and billions of dollars in funding.

How to turn a business into a start-up business
If you have at least $ 50,000 in a retirement account, you can use ROBS to start or grow your business. ROBS allows business owners to transfer money from their retirement accounts (IRAs or 401 (k)) to new 401 (k) accounts, which are sponsored by financed companies. The new 401 (k) package buys shares in a privately financed company.

Step 1 - Create a new C company
Companies financed through ROBS arrangements must be corporation C so they have stock for a new 401 (k) plan to buy.

Phase 2 - A new 401 (k) plan was created
A new 401 (k) plan was made for C Corporation. The company owner becomes the trustee and the plan administrator. While this might sound scary, the 401 (k) Plan Guide offers administrative services to handle the hardest part for you.

Step 3 - Convert existing pension funds to a new 401 (k) plan
Funds are rolled out from an existing pension account to a new 401 (k) account. This is part of the Rollover Rollover Code for Starting a Business.

Step 4 - 401 (k) Buy Stock
Plan 401 (k) to buy private shares in C Corporation.

Step 5 - Your business is really rich and ready to use!
Because of stock repurchases, C Corporation (your business!) Is now really rich. These funds can be used for business activities, including financing new businesses, buying existing businesses, or paying SBAs or paying business loans.

Guidant Financial - Money to start or buy a business
Guidant Financial also offers SBA funding, unsecured funding, portfolio funding and other forms of financing. We support small businesses through their lives and beyond by offering business evaluation solutions, business services, 401 (k) administration plans and more.