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5 Affordable Low-priced Franchises, You Can Start with Less than $ 10,000

Everyone says that starting a business is expensive and risky, but it doesn't have to be that way. One approach, which some believe is safer, is to have a franchise. It has a proven business model, default brand and corporate support. And not every franchise will cost millions. In fact, you can start several franchises with less than five numbers - and not just random bin-bargain franchises. These companies made it to the 2019 Entrepreneur Franchise list in 2019.

1. Dream vacation

Dream Vacations Image credit: Dream Vacations | Facebook
Franchise Entrepreneur 500 Rating: 101

Initial investment: $ 3,245 to $ 21,850

New units in 2019: 212 units (+18.9 percent)

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Dream Vacations offers travel packages such as hotels, tours, travel protection and more. The company was founded in 1991 and started a franchise business the following year.

2. International Buildingstars
Buildingstars InternationalImage credit: Buildingstars International | Facebook
Franchise Entrepreneur 500 Rating: 199

Initial investment: $ 2,245 to $ 53,200

New units in 2019: 148 units (+20.1 percent)

Buildingstars, a commercial cleaning company founded in 1994, is headquartered in St. Louis. The company began franchising in 2000 and now has regional offices in Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, New York and more. Services include carpet and floor care, as well as green cleaning and consulting.

3. destruction planner
Cruise Planners Image credit: Cruise Planners | Facebook
Franchise Entrepreneur 500 Rating: 60

Initial investment: $ 2,295 to $ 23,367

New units in 2019: 6 units (+0.2 percent)

Cruise Planners is a network of long-distance travel agents that sell packages such as cruises, travel insurance, car rental, and others. The company is based in Coral Springs, Florida, and offers in-house financing to cover franchise costs.

4. have your Town Money Saver
Town Money Saver Award Image: Town Money Saver Facebook
Franchise Entrepreneur 500 Rating: 490

Initial investment: $ 5,700 to $ 17,000

New units in 2019: 3 units (+6.1 percent)

Town Money Saver is a monthly direct mail advertisement leaflet distributed to homes and businesses. The company was founded in 1992 and started a franchise business in 2005.

5. Jazzercise Inc.
Jazzercise Inc. Credit credit: Jazzercise Inc. | Facebook
Franchise Entrepreneur 500 Rating: 94

Initial investment: $ 2,405 to $ 17,155

New units in 2019: -147 units (-1.6 percent)

Founded in 1969 and franchised since 1982, Jazzercise Inc. pair dance moves with aerobic exercises in a trademark total body conditioning program. The company is based in Carlsbad, California, but franchises exist in more than 31 countries.