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63 Businesses to Start for Under $10,000

63 Businesses to Start for Under $10,000

You know you want to start something for yourself. You just need to channel your ambition and time into an idea that will make extra money, make you proud and maybe lead to a full time effort. It would be better if you get an extraordinary moment when you say "I'm quitting!" to your boss. But what good idea should you start with?

From childcare, repair services, and party planning to business consulting, craftsmanship and rewriting, there are businesses for every level of skill, interest, and budget on our list of ideas, you can start with less than $ 10,000. Some of the ideas listed here can even start with less than $ 2,000!
This business can be started on a full or part time basis. Your location can be your client's home or business, an office car or truck, a small storefront, or even just a website. You will advertise locally with leaflets and coupons, cold-call prospective customers, or set up shops with websites and online advertising campaigns - finding customers will depend on the business idea you choose.

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Each idea includes a business overview, recommended skill levels needed to provide services or make products, ideas for marketing your business, and current average rates for others being billed in this field. We also include a list of resources for each business idea, including business associations, websites, and books, which will help you continue your research if it triggers your ideas. Displaying resources on this list of ideas is not at all the support of a company or publication; it is the responsibility of every entrepreneur to ensure he does business with reputable organizations. Instead, this is the first resource for your journey from ideas to business ownership.